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Flattering and very wearable pointy toe pumps by Ivanka Trump with great reviews, now $88 (the leopard print versions are also on sale), a very lovely and feminine black wrap dress with lace short sleeves (so pretty!) by DvF, now 65% off, a beautifully cut draped ruffle dress by Alexander McQueen, now 60% off,  and an adorable pajama set by Betsey Johnson (the buttons are hearts!), now under $33. 

I love jewelry – and every day I feel a little “off” unless I have some on. That being said, I haven’t worn a lot of my favorite pieces since baby came along. My Alhambra necklace, for example, is taking an extended vacation ever since realized there had been dried peas on the delicate mother of pearl for goodness knows how long (luckily they scraped off). The tassels on my Mars necklaces are a source of constant fascination for baby Feather – but sometimes too tempting as a good “yank!” target. And forget about any rings with raised designs, as they can so easily scratch a baby’s skin.

To that end, I thought I’d share some of my every day jewelry pieces – the more simple pieces that you can usually find me in if I’m just at home, that I can leave on when doing the dishes or just generally running around!

Jen Meyer Good Luck

Jennifer Meyer “Good Luck” necklace: This was my mom’s Christmas gift to me, and I love it! I’d been wanting a longer gold pendant necklace for some time, and this one, at 20 inches, is the perfect length. It sits well with my v-neck shirts and blouses, but is also long enough to hang nicely over crewnecks. It’s actually sitting a bit higher than normal in this picture – it hangs about an inch lower after it gets “settled”. I really like the delicate ball chain, and the charm itself is made up of all sorts of different symbols for good luck. It seems quite sturdy too – baby has given it a few strong tugs, and so far so good!

It’s also available in rose gold (so gorgeous), at Barneys.


Monica Vinader “Baja” bracelet: I love Monica Vinader’s friendship bracelets, and have a few of her classic“Fiji” style (my first ever was a gift from a dear friend). The textile component tends to be less water friendly though, which is why the Baja model is great, as its all metal and stone. This model with green agate always adds a bit of color, and plus it pairs well with my jade bangle (coming up below).

PS – I also love the Baja in rose gold, this is what’s next on my list, to go with my other rose gold pieces. I’m still debating between white or gray for the stone.

Carved Jade Bangle

Vintage carved jade bracelet: I love jade, and would love a nice pricier classic bangle, but work too much with my hands and know that I’d worry about cracking it. I really like this carved bracelet, as it’s still grade A jadeite (which means undyed and untreated jade, unlike a lot of what’s currently on the market), but wasn’t so expensive that I’d be devastated if something happened to it. And, I think the carving is quite unique! I found mine on Etsy, and its about 30-40 years old.

Jewelry Everyday

Swatch “Die Glocke” watch – I love Swatch watches and over the years have picked up a few which I couldn’t resist. I added this one a few months ago – the leather strap is more comfortable and flexible than the rubber ones (which also have cracked on me over time), and the little bell keeps baby entertained in an emergency.

Of course I still wear my “nicer” watches – but they tend to be a bit heavier, which is always a problem as baby Feather often likes to lie with his head on my wrist. And who doesn’t like a Swatch?

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Alexander Wang Launches a Jewelry Line

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It seems that many designers have begun shaking up their strategies and adding to their product lines these days, seeing the holiday season and the whole gift-giving traditions as the perfect moment to launch new ideas. Alexander Wang is among these designers, who finds himself opting to start a new line right before the Christmas frenzy. Then again, it was a long time coming as the man has come up with designs for lighter cases, “do not disturb” signs, bottle openers, travel neck pillows and canteens, so Alexander Wang jewelry only makes sense after all of that.

Alexander Wang Jewelry Line

Why on earth had he not launched jewelry before though? “I always wanted to do jewelry, but I never felt like I had the opportunity. I’ve had my hands quite full,” Wang mentioned in one particular interview. “But I really got exposed to it when I went to Balenciaga and I really enjoyed the process.” Better late than never though, right? After all, a designer needs to feel comfortable with a concept first, before embarking on a journey to make it a reality.

Wang is known for his chunky pieces. As such, it makes perfect sense that his small collection of three pieces is all about the chunky, with bike chain earrings and a necklace featuring a lock in the middle. There is also a lock cuff, and these three were shown off for the spring collection. He has increased the number of pieces in thecollection for the pre-fall line as well.

Wang’s previous collaborations for jewelry included those with Gaia Repossi and Betony Vernon. However, at that point, it was him submitting ideas and they handling the rest. At Balenciaga, it was the opposite, with Wang himself having taken over everything from the initial sketches of the ideas to the final production of the jewelry pieces, also having major say in the prices each was listed at. “I really got a hand on it in Paris,” he said. “We were really successful with the jewelry that I did [at Balenciaga].”

At the moment, the Alexander Wang jewelry pieces we see are just a natural extension to the collections he puts out, with the tough looking chic hardware and the intricate details that are forever Wang. It is all produced in Italy, the chain pieces plated with brass palladium, while it is 24-karat gold we notice on the locks that appear. For now, we know that the earrings cost $295, while the prices can range up to $525, as is the case with the double lock necklace.

We know that this will definitely attract a good number of people who are more than willing to give the gift of Alexander Wang jewelry in the coming year for all manner of occasions. First though, we expect Christmas shopping and from Alexander Wang stores to double or triple in the coming days as the collection launches mid-December.

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What Are Your Thoughts on Foot Jewelry?

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Foot Jewelry

This weekend, I did a bit more shopping then usual because next week I’m leaving for Las Vegas, and of course I need some new jewels for the occasion. When I was shopping at ALDO, I noticed an abundance of toe rings and ankle cuffs.

As I was looking through this jewelry, I remembered seeing foot jewels on Instagram from different fashion bloggers, which got me thinking: Is this a full-blown trend? Hard to say.

After doing some research, House of Emmanuele has some of the most exquisite foot baubles I’ve seen. They may be extravagant both in appearance and in price, but I would be lying if I said it wouldn’t have been nice to have a pair of these when I was roaming the beaches of Bermuda. If you’re looking for a way to liven your pedicure or swimsuit, these baubles will cost you a pretty penny, but you certainly won’t go unnoticed.

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2014 New LV’s Chain Attraction Fine Jewelry Collection Design By Lorenz Baumer

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 First View LV's Chain Attraction Fine Jewelry Collection

Louis Vuitton has been famous in its handbags, shoes, outfit and other accessories, and the latest new Louis Vuitton’s Chain Attraction Find Jewelry collection designed by Lorenz Baumer are very beautiful and charming. Those great LV jewelry celebrates the chain’s and stone’s charm and the powerful women since a big chain has always been a symbol of success, created several set of jewels with outstanding combinations of colors and stones leading a charming look.

The New LV’s Chain attraction collection used in rare stones in their 21 models, and they comes in four sets which including Attraction Set, Talisman Set, Hypnose Set and Hologramme Set. All of the sets of LV Jewelry collection in a unique and great look which perfect for any occasion.

Attraction Set: This collection come out in a sophisticated allure with flamboyant mandarin garnets and iridiscent welo opals.

Talisman Set: It come out in an enigmatic and magic totem with an aura of warm.

Hypnose Set: hynoptic charm and lavish display of textures with shimmering peacock-hued pearls, dense black onyx and vivid green emeralds.

Hologramme Set: Looks personality, made with soft pink morganites and the vibrant calibre-cut emeralds make it look great.

 Louis-Vuittons-Chain-Attraction-Fine-Jewelry-Collection  Louis-Vuittons-Chain-Attraction-Fine-Je Louis-Vuittons-Chain-Attraction-Fine-Jewelry-Collection3 Louis-Vuittons-Chain-Attraction-Fine-Jewelry-CollectionLouis-Vuittons-Chain-Attraction-Fine-Jewelry-CollectionLouis-Vuittons-Chain-Attraction-Fine-Jewelry-Collection

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The Romance Of Tiffany Jewelry: Tiffany Somerset Heart Ring

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How can you make that special ring for that special someone even better? Make that special ring Tiffany jewelry, that’s how! I love this charming replica Tiffany heart ring that PV just released.

The intricate silver mesh backdrop is the perfect setting for such a lovely center piece – a silver heart! Have a look at the original – I can’t tell the difference between the two and that’s exactly what you want in a great replica – great materials, a sweet design, a great price, and an execution that makes it look authentic.

Tiffany Replica Ring

Tiffany Replica Ring

One of the nicest things about the Tiffany jewelry at PV is how affordable it is. For under $50 you can get yourself a beautiful slice of Tiffany, replica of course, which looks and feels real. Not bad, eh? Couple this lovely ring with one of the Gucci handbags we already featured this week and you’re at least halfway to accessory heaven!

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New Louis Vuitton Place Vendome jewelry series

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New Louis Vuitton on July 2, 2013 grand opening of the Place Vendome in Paris, Louis Vuitton the world’s first fine jewelry flagship store. Brand in order to celebrate this important day, especially composed for the series of fine jewelry in the Place Vendome .



Travel, has been one of the favorite design theme of the Louis Vuitton ,”L’ Ame du Voyage” Louis Vuitton is constantly updated series of fine jewelry, the Place Vendome series is a symbol of Louis Vuitton this “travel” Paris – the city is both a starting point, is this the perfect end of the tour.


The five colors of rubies, sapphires, yellow diamonds, gems, and dazzling white diamonds together to form the Place Vendome jewelry series. The diamonds are cut flowers of the classic Louis Vuitton logo pattern, combined into a rich architectural sense of the geometric shape of jewelry work, like the cityscape of Paris’s most characteristic re-interpretation of jewelry.


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