Chanel: Euro Prices For Classic Flap, 2.55 & Boy (2015)

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chanel_euro-prices-classic-flap-255-boy-2015It’s long overdue, but better late than never, right? As covered previously on this blog, Chanel has harmonised their retail prices worldwide, which in short just means that it now shouldn’t make that much of a difference wherever in the world you are.

Still, because every cent counts (and everyone still wants to know what the current prices are like in Europe), I’ve put together a post that should answer pretty much all of your questions with regard to the Classic Flap, the 2.55 and of course, the Boy.

First up, the Classic Flap and the 2.55, which have similar price points where their sizes are concerned. Now priced at EUR4100, EUR4260, EUR4750 and EUR5160 for sizes Small, Medium (the 11.12), Jumbo and Maxi for the Classic Flap; the prices correspond with the 2.55 in its 4 sizes as well.

Now for the Boy. In its basic ‘entry-level’ calfskin renditions, they are now priced atEUR3420, EUR3720 and EUR4150 respectively for sizes Small, Medium and Large. Which also makes the largest Boy just a tad more than the Classic Flap or 2.55 inSmall, something to note for those still on the fence regarding which of the 3 to choose.

And just for those who need to see the prices side by side, in Singapore, for both theClassic Flap and the 2.55, they are SGD6410, SGD6660, SGD7430 and SGD8070respectively for the 4 sizes. Taking into consideration XE’s conversion rate today,EUR5160 converts to around SGD7780, which means the difference is less thanSGD300 for the Classic Flap and 2.55 in the largest size.

In other words, you’ll only really save if you go for the big-ticket items, but as you go down the list, the difference will really become smaller and smaller so it really makes more sense to buy in Singapore and build a beneficial relationship with your preferred SA.

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The Chanel Trendy CC Flap Bag is a crown jewel when it comes to designer pieces – and it doesn’t take rocket science to understand why. The style on this bag is impeccable! That’s why it makes a comeback every year, and it gets better and stronger than ever. We don’t know how Chanel comes up with amazing designs every season, but we’re enjoying the show!

What we’re seeing now is a trendy issue – and as we’ve featured some weeks ago, we know that the CC Flap has been reintroduced for the Cruise 2015 collection in a trendy, modern package. Read on to know more!

READ: Chanel Trendy CC Flap Bag Reintroduced for the Cruise 2015 Collection

The bag above in particular makes a statement! We love the offset of gray and white on quilted leather. We also love how the CC Signature in front seems to meld with the exterior, it looks so put-together! So, what do you think about this design? Let us know!

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10 Reasons to Own a Chanel Flap Bag

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Chanel Flap Bag Up Close

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Bag of the Week: Valentino My Rockstud Embroidered Flap Bag

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Bag: Valentino My Rockstud Embroidered Flap Bag

Why It’s the Bag of the Week: Valentino usually reserves its intricate signature embroidery for runway dresses, so it’s always a pleasure when some of it makes a jump to bags, as it does on this beautifully detailed top handle.

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Probably the most exciting handbag for the Spring Summer 2015 Collection, if you ask me! It’s the hottest topic at Bragmybag and we know why…

The Chanel Easy Carry Flap Bag is stunning – the beautiful CC logo inspired by the Classic Flap Bag, the chains and the detailed stitches. Though some parts are different than the Classic Flap Bag, like the short leather handle on the top, it’s so much cheaper, which makes it affordable.

And for those that are dreaming and waiting to purchase their own flap bag, this is another opportunity.

If you need the details: Everything About The Chanel Easy Carry Bag

About the sizes, we’ve showcased a lot of colors in jumbo sizes, but there is also the ‘small’ size. Obviously as an everyday bag the jumbo is a great option because it’s spacious and is able to store all your essentials. But for a smaller version, which is perfect for the evenings and times that you only want to carry mini bags, this is another choice.

Not only is the small size different in storage, but also the shape. It’s a beautiful bag though, to sling on your shoulder.


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Street Snaps: Be Dior Flap Bag

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You walked into the Dior boutique, excited!

Today it’s your credit card’s doomsday, you will swipe and swipe until the last dime is spend on the best-investment-in-the -world, handbags.

The Shopping Assistance noticed your shopping-spree behavior and decided to introduce you to the finest of the finest, the Be Dior Flap Bag.

It’s the medium size and the small size.

Made from grained calfskin leather.

Refined with golden hardware.

He ask: ‘Which one do you like more’, which you will respond: ‘….’.

So tell us, which one you love more?

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